My Faith

I am a very Mormon Mormon (officially The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).  I started reading the Book of Mormon at age seven based on my uncle's challenge to his nieces and nephews, and have never really stopped.  I love my faith and the perspective and strength it gives me for the many challenges I have faced throughout my life.

Here are a few posts I have written about my faith:

Sorrow that the Eye Can't See - Take Two

Preparing for Church

Preparing to Take the Lord's Supper

Simplifying Sunday

Sorrow that the Eye Can't See

Women and the Priesthood

Silently Struggling

A Little big Miracle

Depression and the Spirit (Take One, Two, Three, and Four)

Prophetic Depression

The Bishop's Wife

Alphabet Soup: LDS, RLDS, and FLDS

Making Time to Serve

Because He Lives

Working a Balance

Struggling through Sunday

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