Six months pregnant with Esther
I am a professional mother of Gideon and Esther, recently returned with my husband from five years in London to the U.S. and have settled in the woods of New Hampshire in a 1760 post-and-beam farmlette.  It's been a little bit of a transition! 

I grew up for most of my childhood in Provo, Utah (an hour south of Salt Lake City) as one of seven children.  I remained in Provo (with jaunts to DC and Boston for internships and Sydney, AUS for a mission) for a BA and JD from Brigham Young University. I then started The Constitutional Sources Project (www.ConSource.org) in Washington, DC before getting a masters at Oxford (the original title of this blog was A Mormon at Oxford) and then beginning a doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania.  In London, I started my own constitutional consulting practice with an international constitution-building focus and a little US Supreme Court legal history work on the side.  As fulfilling as I find my career, I now do it part-time while my babes are sleeping so that I can be a stay-at-home mother, or "mum" as the English are want to say.  I have waited an awfully long time to be a mother, and I don't want to miss it! 

I find motherhood extremely rewarding and challenging.  I have fallen in love with my children more than I ever thought possible.  As a young, ambitious woman, I had agonised for years over the transition from career to motherhood and then realised several years before giving birth at 33 that God designed me with career ambitions that would endure throughout motherhood, and that was OK.  But it is no longer my first priority, and that is OK, too.  I find I am a better mother because I work a little every day.  It allows me to relax when I am not working and enjoy my children.

In my new career as a mother, as most mums, I am constantly thinking about how to do my job better.  How can I make my children happier?  How can I be happier?  What are habits I need to instill now so that they grow into faithful servants who never lose their curiosity?  I take these questions to the Lord and am thrilled to see day-to-day mothering results from my prayers.  

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