Baby Sleep Secrets

In response to several friends' requests that I share what I know (mostly what my sister, mother of 9 has taught me) to successfully get my newborns to sleep through the night--and keep sleeping through the night through babyhood and toddlerhood, I put together the following posts:

Baby Sleep Secrets Part I
1. Calories During the Day
2. Feed on Waking
3. Focus on your (the mother's) milk
4. Swaddle

Baby Sleep Secrets Part II
5. Sleep on Side, then Tummy
6. Make sure they are getting enough day sleep, but not too much
7. Don't put them to bed over-tired

Baby Sleep Secrets Part III
8. Sleep the baby in another room
9. No stimulation during night feeds
10. Night routines

Baby Sleep Secrets Part IV
11. Props - Whitenoise, Dummies, Blankies/soft toys, Darkness
12.  Stop and listen before rushing in
13.  Be respectful of your baby's schedule and sleep needs

Travel Baby Sleep Secrets

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