From England to New England

An artist's rendering of the view of London
from the top of Primrose Hill.
My family and I recently moved from a small village in London, Primrose Hill, to a small village outside of New Hampshire's capital, Hopkinton.  The population of both is about the same, the sense of community is very similar, only we have more trees in New Hampshire (and that's the only difference...:-)).

I often blog about the locality I'm in - it's culture, politics, fun things to do - and usually from the perspective of taking the kids along.

Here's a sampling:

New Hampshire

The New England Dump
Declaring My Independence from the Motherland
8 Reasons We Moved to New Hampshire
A Lesson in Direct Democracy 
The New Hampshire 2016 Primary: Where's the Ground Game?
A New Hampshire Secret
Local, Rural, Easy


Baby Guide to London: 10 Things to do in Camden
Baby Guide to London: Hyde Park, Kensington, & Chelsea
Baby Guide to London: Covent Garden & Trafalgar Square
Primrose Hill Baby Calendar

British Culture

The Etiquette of British Texting
Sunbury Antiques Market
English Children's Books
Baby Royale
John Lewis is My Hero
The Season

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill Baby and Toddler Calendar (Current as of February 2015)
The Anatomy of a Community (Part I and Part II)
Primrose Hill Mum's Group
Welcome to Primrose Hill


Ten Ways Living Abroad Has Changed Me

Great Britain
A Very Yurty Christmas
Sleeping Amidst the Animals
Baby Guide to London: 10 Things to Do in Camden

My ancestral home in Elberg, the Netherlands
Finding Christ in Copenhagen


  1. Hi Lorianne,
    I enjoy your blog. We need to know about living in London.
    Mary and I are now serving in the Los Angeles California Mission. We will return to SLC in March. And then we plan to spend two or three months in the UK, doing family history and seeing the sites.
    Any advice?

    1. Max! I'm so sorry to be slow in responding. Are you here now? Can we host you here for breakfast or dinner? Do you still have my old email address?